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Seismic Engineering Services for Los Angeles

Phase 1 of our seismic engineering services begins after the proposal has been accepted.

SRS Retrofit works throughout the Los Angeles to help multi-unit apartment building owners seismically retrofit their buildings to ensure their building is up-to-date and code-compliant with the City of Los Angeles’ latest ordinances. One of our specialists will schedule an exploratory site visit. To ensure transparency for your tenants, we post a 48-hour tenant notice prior to the site visit.

Once the exploratory site visit has been performed and the report has been completed, our team performs the full exploratory, which includes tearing back to the beams, joists, and stud walls. Then, we cut and excavate the concrete pad footing to check the current integrity and size, so everything is accurately reported and addressed in the plans. This step is followed by collecting asbestos and lead samples that are sent in for testing to better understand the composition of the building. Once the architectural and structural plans are completed, our our team composes calculations and designs that are then implemented into the following stages of seismic retrofitting.

Structural Engineering Plans by Licensed Engineer for Soft-Story Retrofit Compliance

The SRS Retrofit’s engineering team will send you an electronic copy of our comprehensive plans for your building. We then proceed to submit the plans to Plan Check at LADBS. The plans are either returned with corrections from Plan Check or signed off with their approval. If corrections are required by the city, our team will return the plans with the proper revisions within 48 hours. SRS Retrofit also submits the Tenant Habitability Plan for approval.

Our construction fixed cost is based on the plans that have been approved by the city. If needed, we will install gas valves for Plan Check Clearance. Once we have received payment, we will schedule the gas valve installation with a 24-hour tenant notice that is posted to notify tenants of temporary loss of service. Gas valves are then installed, and the pilot lights are reignited. Once everything is finalized, we move onto the construction side of seismic retrofitting. To schedule a free initial inspection, call SRS Retrofit today.