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Seismic Construction Services for Los Angeles

In Phase 2, SRS Retrofit offers comprehensive seismic retrofitting services.

Phase 1 includes structural engineering and Phase 2 includes construction services to properly retrofit your multi-unit apartment complex. We supply you with a fixed cost, so you can budget and plan accordingly.

We then send construction dates that begin with a Tenant Habitability Plan prepared and posted and mailed to the tenants a notice 20 days prior to our construction start date. As part of our comprehensive services, we attain the necessary job permits from the city, so everything is done through the appropriate channels. Before we commence our construction, we make sure your tenants are given a 48-hour notice.

What to Expect from Our Seismic Construction Services

The construction consists of saw cutting, excavation, and demolition of the stucco and gypsum at the property. Our team at SRS Retrofit conducts a pre-construction meeting with the city inspector where plan revisions are completed per the city inspector’s request. Once everything is approved, we perform any shoring if needed. Concrete pads are then dowelled and poured accordingly. The deputy inspection is then completed before we install the moment frames/structural steel. Once this stage is finished, a city inspection is performed for thorough structural observation.

The next step includes framing and strapping for the shear wall. Rebar is then placed in the trench that has been created, which constitutes an additional city inspection for structural observation. We proceed to install the seismic plywood onto the shear walls. Concrete is then poured into the grade beam trench. This will require an additional deputy inspection. The next step entails wood wrapping onto the columns with flashing. Fireproofing is done if called for in the original plans. The wire lath is then completed for the city to inspect and approve.

The final touches include the stucco application, which will require the final inspection by the city. Our construction team finishes the project with painting to ensure consistency in appearance between the new and the old parts of the building. If you are interested in working with SRS Retrofit, contact us today to schedule a complimentary initial inspection.