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L.A. seismic retrofit law

14 percent of `soft-story’ structures compliant with 2015 L.A. seismic retrofit law

"When Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the 2015 ordinance into law, it gave Los Angeles the nation’s strongest earthquake safety rules. The measure applies to older buildings considered vulnerable in major earthquakes, including wood- framed “soft-story” buildings with weak lower floors, such as multi-story apartments with tuck-under parking spaces, and vulnerable concrete buildings."

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 helping property owners

L.A. to explore helping property owners pay for earthquake retrofitting repairs

"A Los Angeles City Council committee agreed this week to explore ways of helping property owners finance costly seismic retrofits required by law in roughly 15,000 buildings.'

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California’s in an exceptional earthquake drought

California’s in an exceptional earthquake drought. When will it end?

"California is in an earthquake drought."

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Mayor Garcetti’s letter 1/19 Resilient LA

Mayor Garcetti’s letter 1/19 Resilient LA

"The Northridge earthquake struck our city 25 years ago today, claiming lives and destroying livelihoods. This anniversary is an opportunity for us to recommit to the important work of building a more resilient city — and that begins with you..."

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still need earthquake retrofits

4,600 ‘soft-story’ apartment buildings still need earthquake retrofits - Curbed LA

"Most of the apartments damaged and destroyed in the Northridge quake were in these dingbat-style buildings..."

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