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What is Seismic Retrofitting?

SRS Engineering Team & Construction Leadership Retrofitting is an improvement to your building by altering or adding structural elements. Specifically, Soft Story…

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My property is on the list! What is next?

Retrofit provides a free consultation and will give you a proposal including engineering and construction in 2 separate phases. You have 2 years from receiving your o…

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What financing options are available?

SRS Retrofit assists it's clients with the cost recovery program. The cost recovery program can be used to pay up to 50% of the seismic retrofit costs by passing it o…

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How much is this going to cost?

A Soft Story Retrofit can cost anywhere in the range of $42,000 upwards to hundreds of thousands. Every building is different, so it is difficult to make a general as…

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How much is my property eligible for? How long does the Process take?

After calling SRS for an inspection, we visit your property and then will give a proposal within 7 days of visiting your property. Once the deposit is received and co…

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How will my tenants be affected?

Your tenants will need to have their cars removed from the parking area during exploratory demolition for one day during initial site visit of engineering phase &…

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What should I know about SRS Retrofit?

Seismic Retrofit Solutions was founded by Paul Herman, who has been been in business doing Real Estate and Development for over 30 years in the Los Angeles area. His …

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