Earthquake Retrofit for Soft Story Strengthen your buildings. Protect your investment. We Are Your Comprehensive Design Build Professionals

We Are Your Comprehensive Design Build Professionals
Soft-Story Buildings

Seismic Retrofit Services for Soft-Story Buildings in Los Angeles

With building owners facing short deadlines imposed by the city of Los Angeles, SRS Retrofit is your full-service, design-to-build retrofitting company with the seismic soft-story retrofit solutions you need to meet the city’s mandatory compliance codes.

We reinforce multi-unit apartment and condo complexes throughout greater Los Angeles County, so they can better withstand earthquakes, protect residents, as well as add value to your real estate assets. Our engineering and construction services are ideal for soft-story and non-ductile retrofit projects. With a highly experienced team of engineers and contractors, we deliver superior results at a cost-effective rate that will have you maintaining a strong profit margin while ensuring safety and compliancy for your tenants and property.

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Seismic Retrofit Video by Southland Regional Association of Realtors

Seismic Construction and Engineering Specialists

SRS Retrofit ensures a seamless compliance experience from planning to completion. Our experienced team will assist with all aspects involved with the Tenant Habitability Program (THP), including construction notifications to tenants as well as submitting plans and paperwork to the Los Angeles Department Building and Safety (LADBS) and pulling permits. We maximize the value of your investment by helping you off-set the cost of seismic retrofitting.


  • Free Inspection
  • Detailed Proposal*
  • Financing (if applicable)
  • Structural Engineering and Plans Submitted
  • Plans Approved and Permits Obtained*
  • Construction by Our Licensed General Contractors Begins
  • Assist with THP Application and Accommodation Plan
  • Cost Recovery Plan

*SRS will submit a proposal based on existing plans if you already have them.

Seismic Retrofit Solutions - Construction

Our process is designed for optimal efficiency and minimal disruption, so you and your tenants can resume your daily lives without excessive disturbances. SRS Retrofit focuses on delivering superior client care through a holistic approach. We are hands-on, so you don’t have to be.

From beginning to end, we make it easier than ever to seismically retrofit your multi-unit apartment building or condominium complex. Make sure your building is ordinance compliant with the new codes and regulations before the city’s official deadline. Call us today to schedule a free preliminary inspection.

Seismic Retrofit Solutions - Construction
Seismic Retrofit Solutions - Construction